Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shooting up in Utah

Yesterday was a strange but fun kind of day.  We have a friend, Little Mary who is a retired military gal with 14 guns and a 160 acre parcel in the middle of Bumf*** Utah.  We decided to pack a picnic and go visit the place with her and our friend Dan.
The day was crystal clear and temps in the low 80's with a light breeze.  Couldn't have been nicer.  We brought my craft canopy for some shade and set up a day camp.
On one of my walks, I ran across a number of wee scurrying lizards.  Most of these guys were so quick you could just see a tail waving back and forth before they disappeared under a bush.  This one posed for me tho.
I think it's a dream of a lot of people to move out somewhere where there is nobody, but I can tell you after yesterday that this is just that kind of place and it's TOO isolated.  About 30 miles from a town with just a post office and 10 more miles down a dirt road.  I imagine the stars at night would be totally breathtaking tho.  I took a string of pictures to make a panorama shot, but each one looked about the same, so here is just one of the scenery.
As you can see, lots of stickery plants, sagebrush and these amazing salt flat areas of pure white.  We weren't too far from the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, at least when we left in the afternoon and headed south to the I80, I think that's what I saw off to the left, a miles long area of pure white in the middle of the desert.

As for wildlife, there were plenty of flies after our lunch, a beautiful white butterfly that liked the canopy, and this poor thing, beautiful in it's symmetry.  Actually, this isn't wild at all, but probably a sheep, as this is sheep country.

Shooting the guns was actually a lot of fun.  Mary is a kind teacher and helped me do whatever it is I needed to do  to get the gun to shoot.  I smacked a target on the second try which was exhilarating.  Won't say how many times it was before the second hit tho!  Here is Mary in her "Chuck the Rifleman" moment.

The last little gift of the day when we were looking for cactus to take home, was a Horny Toad that scurried across my path!  It's a miracle to see one of these little guys, unless you happen to live somewhere where they flourish.  I saw one when I was a kid, and now this one.  I stuck the camera as close to the sticker bush as I could, but he's so well camouflaged that you really only see him cause of the outline of his torso.

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Anonymous said...

Reading this brought back memories of day trips to areas around the Valley. There was always a cooler, but the craft canopy would have been a nicer addition. Good for you on the target hit :-)