Saturday, October 24, 2009

Web Page Statistics

I just want to share my favorite web page which I check every day, specially now that I'm really trying hard to market my web page... it is web stats.  This is a free service that will give you a huge amount of information about the hits on your web page.  I was able to get it thru my last 2 web hosting accounts, but here is the direct url for this service:

It gives you daily hits, time of day hits,  what keywords are getting hits, and hits  from other site links.  Google also has a free analytics page which is invaluable as well.  Just sign up for a google account and from your home page go to Myaccount.  From there you can set up your analytics for all of your webpages, including etsy (set up etsy from the etsy side).  You can monitor your adwords account and start a blog too.  Since I've been working on the hubspot marketing tips from my first blog, my hits have increased by about 30%.  I'm still very small potato's, but it feels good, kind of like losing those first 5 lbs of ugly fat :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm going to do less

I had an epiphany while walking my dogs this beautiful fall morning.  While thoughts were spinning thru my brain as fast as the last glorious rush of speed of a kamma kazi  pilot... it occurred to me, I don't need to to more, I need to do less!

I've feverishly been working on website promotion, following the guide I talked about the other day, following sign ups of sites recommended by friends... still behind on my orders, house isn't clean enough etc.  I'm exhausted!  And while I was thinking, if I did this then that would happen and then the next thing and so on... and I thought WAIT!  The leaves are brilliant colors and sound like rain when they fall, and the sky is the purest blue and my dogs are healthy today (another blog there) and life is good.  I will work on my orders at a steady responsible pace and they'll go out when they're done.  I'll do that 10 minute workout dvd in the morning, and let it cut into my computer time.  I'll take a tea break in the afternoon specially when I have delicious faux oatmeal cookies (made of potato chips, yum; thanks mickey) to go with that tea.  And I will take my mom into town just to get a Pumpkin cappachino at the Maverik.  And all will be well in my small corner of the world.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I just researched SEO (search engine optimization) last night and one of the things you can do to promote your website is write a blog. I've had this blog set up for months and didn't think I had time to write anything.... altho I spend way too much time each morning checking on my various websites, reading Glass Incarnates wonderful blog, checking on my bank (oops no money) and researching researching researching.... the web is wonderful for all the things you can see and find out about.

I found a site last night that evaluated my website for free . It is I am still working on all the hints, but did a few of them last night. One hint was to register with DMOZ which is "the largest and most comprehensive human edited directory of the Web". Also the Yahoo! Directory. A third: ZoomInfo. I have already paid a search engine lister $129 for 3 months of service, but my site was not registered with these sites, go figure.....