Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catalog Crazy

So yeah i've been away from the blog for months now... somedays just too blue to write (as in I've got nothing to say or add to the world to make it a better place etc), but most days too busy and overwhelmed to write.  And the funny thing is, writing usually aligns my molecules (kind of like doing that exercise video for 10 minutes) so it's a good thing.

I've been making a bad habit of zoning out in front of the computer, pushing a button, reading something, pushing another button and so on, while time flies by.

 Lately I've been making myself actually heave ho on the old catalog for 2010, gee 6 months into the year, i think it's about time!  I just revamped the one month old edition and it's ready to go out to all my wholesale customers.  Well, it's ready after I buy more ink and print about 50 more issues.  You see, my laser printer was printing kind of fuzzy on the jewelry photos, then I cleaned the big thingy inside that must be absolutely speckless.  Well, that was a mistake, cause then the print quality really went down.  At the same time, I was printing catalogs for my trade show ACRE  in Vegas, so I ran to the local Office Max and purchased an HP Officejet 6500 which claims to be "40% cheaper than running a laser".  They lie.  While the printer prints beautifully and is quiet, it runs thru cleaning cycles alot and burns up the ink.  I think my 5 page front and back catalog cost about $5 to print on the ink jet, whereas it was about $2 on the laser (using discount laser toner).  Sigh.  and now for some strange reason, my laser seems to be  printing pretty good again, so I'm trying to finish things up and get that catalog out.  It will feel like I've come up with a solution for world peace or something once it's all done and mailed.

Here's a sunset from a few weeks ago, I think the volcano in Iceland may be causing this, but it's fantastic!

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