Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring Comes, Spring Goes

Wow, our icy blanket that we've been living under for 2 months has finally melted away!   We've had a weird inversion for weeks which means a thick layer of clouds between us and the sun.... which is a pretty good description of what it does to your spirit as well.... coated by a heavy layer of blaw and ice.  I haven't even made anything in the studio for 3 weeks, but that's post partum Christmas burnout.  Fellow crafters are all crazy busy getting ready for the winter trade shows, which I can't afford to do.

Instead I'm going to concentrate on listing some vintage items on etsy at and listing my show stuff (mostly jewelry) on  Also hope to finally achieve my real goal when I joined etsy and get jewelry and stained glass supplies listed for sale and clean out the studio.  You can only move stuff you are no longer using so many times right?

A sign of spring tho, we had a few sunny days and 3 new baby calves.  They're a bit early, but sometimes the bull gets out or the girls get in and stuff happens.  Can't wait for the calf rodeos to begin... get a couple of babies together and it's a guaranteed chuckle.

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