Thursday, August 19, 2010

Riding the Debt Wagon

So I just did the Oprah debt thing.... made the charts a couple of months ago where you list all your bills, re-arrange them in order of highest interest rate, then put all your money towards that bill and pay the minimum on the others.
So far it is working, in the first 60 days, I have paid off 2 of the smaller credit card debts i owed.  Today i made the first larger payment towards a 13.33% card.  I need to call them to get the interest reduced as well.  All I can say is it feels really good to see this starting to work in only 2 months.
I'm a self employed maker of kaleidoscopes and jewelry, so as the winter months come round, there are usually long stretches of time between sales.  I'm vowing to ramp up my retail and etsy websites, and use an emailing service to keep in touch with my wholesale accounts.  In the past, I've spent a LOT of money to do trade shows, but for now I want to nurture the accounts I have.  At least until I can get my debt in manageable territory.  I love my work, but I have nothing to show for it but loads of debt....debt, debt, debt.... the key word that is undermining our whole society.... sigh... at least i finally posted, but see why i don't most days?  Extreme terror? Blindsiding depression?  Nah, just laziness and too much time reading what everyone else is putting out there!
How People go camping in Montana

For kicks and giggles, here is a photo of people who really know how to live!  We were on our way to a craft show in Bigfork Montana when we saw this crazy car full of stuff.  We thought it was po' folk moving but when my husband saw the photo he said "it's a truck driver going camping, see how he's tied everything down?"..... so I look at the ingeniousness of the treasures tied to this car.  I guess thats what you do when you wanna go camping and you don't have a pickup or van. (they WERE going camping )... notice Tigger and the bag of potato's tied onto the backpack, what a hoot!  I really think this is performance art, as they put on quite a show, there must've been 6 people taking pictures as soon as they pulled into the quik stop.  God Bless America!

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