Friday, February 18, 2011

Steampunk Dragonfly Pendant

Finally, after having pieces laying on my work table, then put away in a drawer for about six months, I got everything out and worked it up!  I hate to finish things.  I love starting things and am happiest when I have a half dozen projects going so I can switch off, back and forth throughout the day.
My routine is: work on the computer (hah, work) listing etsy stuff, checking discussion boards, working on web page or the new wedding line with my friend Mickey,  Checking site statistics to see if anybody found any of these sites, checking email to see if please please are there any orders (2 wholesale last week thank goodness).... then take the dogs for a walk.. my baby Shar-pei Lilli can be kinda hard on the ol' man Bear with rough puppy play unless they get their legs stretched... then go feed cows at the ranch.
Then it's lunch, where I'm currently eating a sandwich in front of the iMac while watching Brothers and Sisters on Netflix.  It's not that great, but I ran out of Dexter and Weeds episodes until the new season is released.
THEN I FINALLY MAKE SOMETHING IN THE STUDIO!  What a slacker.  It seems to take until about 2-3 pm before I get the wheels turning and work in my shop.  Even then, I'm happiest with my mp3 player in the background with an audiobook.  Right now I'm on the last few hours of Pat Conroy's "The Prince of Tides".  I'd read the book years ago and loved it.... saw the movie and hated it.  The audiobook is very good.  The fella reading is excellent, and doesn't overdo the southern accents of the characters.  I downloaded it from and have been pretty happy with their service.  I used NetLibrary, but it's difficult to search for books that you really want so I've gotten away from using it.
SO, the reason for this post is that not only did I finish something, but I'm pretty happy with it and learned how to do riveting, or cold connections.  I'd bought the rivets last fall and wasn't sure how to do the process.  I got on YouTube and found several helpful videos.  Youtube is a great teacher for any technique you want, for instance I didn't know what grafting was for a project I was knitting, and there was a video on Youtube! Excellent!

So, I gathered my different bits of metal together.... an embossed copper piece, a brass background that I drilled and hammered for texture, a dragonfly charm and vintage watch parts.  Oh, and the rivets.  I practiced a couple of times on a scrap and ruined the rivets, but when I put them into this piece with the brass tube hinge (for making boxes) that I used as spacers, it went pretty well.  Into the space went the rivets that held the watch pieces on. I added some chain and a "Wander" token and a vintage key.  I think it's done.  I want to enter it into a competition so won't be listing it on either website for awhile to see how that goes...

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