Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday night in King Hill

I haven't posted in six months!  Where does the time go?  Right now the time just seems to crawl.  For a crafter, this is the Dead Zone.  The time after Christmas and before summer when nobody has money, or needs to buy anything because they too, are just trying to get through winter.
I guess on the up side, is it means there is time to go for drives.  Just 15 miles from our home starts a sagebrush wilderness with large ranches scattered about.  There is a loop we drive on where hundreds of deer and antelope play and winter forage.
This big buck watched us the whole time we sat in the car watching the herd.  That is a wheel line behind them so they're in someone's farm grazing. There were at least 150 head in this bunch.

We also walked by one of our favorite spots, a railroad trestle near King Hill.  This photo is looking up at it and on an angle (learned that from daughter August)... it looks like art doesn't it?
We had Bear and our new puppy Lilli.  Spending a lot of time with your pups is a good way to pass the time too during the Dead Zone.  Lilli the Shar-Pei has been with us only about 60 days now and we've already got a million memories with her.  She is a total character.  She talks when you make a funny face and say "What"?  She'll do a Sit and a Down on command if you're bribing her with dried blueberries.  She has brought our elderly Bear doggy back to his puppy-hood again with rambunctious bouts of play.  We love her and she loves us unconditionally.  She doesn't care if Mom isn't selling anything :)  unless the kibbles run low of course!
On our walk by the river and railroad tracks, we ran across what we're pretty sure are wolf prints.  They were HUGE!  My tennis shoe is about 4" across, so that gives you an idea of the size.  The long nails seemed to say wild animal rather than large dog as well.  There have been wolves sighted in nearby areas, so it's not that big a reach to cry wolf.  With all the livestock and the wild game, there is plenty to eat too.

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