Friday, December 4, 2009

Eat, eat, eat

I am enjoying an audio books disc of Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert.  It was a big hit a few years ago and my daughter has been imploring me to read it.  I think she said "you'll really like it mom" but she probably also said "it'll really help you mom" and she was 100% right on both accounts!  

I was overcome by frustration however, as I have an mp3 player that I thought I could download the itunes book purchase to.  However, itunes insisted there is not an mp3 version available, that it must be played on the computer??? WHAT! I already sit in front of the computer way too much as it is.  I finally figured out that I could burn the book to a cd, which then wouldn't play on my stereo... so luckily, my strong procrastination traits have paid off..  I have been meaning to list my laptop for sale since this summer when I purchased a 20" imac.  (older eyes mean bigger screens are NICE).  Since I haven't done that yet, I am able to play the cd on my laptop in my studio as I work.

The Eat part of the book was very enjoyable.  Elizabeth narrates the book herself and her soothing voice and charming wit came through in spades.  It was like watching "Under the Tuscan Sun".... you were right there, enjoying the food and the charm of italian men and scenery and the beautiful language.

I've just finished the Pray part, which I have to admit, I was sometimes bored with.  It came along as tedious in parts as she explains the things that she was bored with, but then... she would have a break through and I also was further drawn into the idea of meditation to quiet my mind.

For the last few months as my stress level with work and the health of my beloved pets has increased, I can barely sleep and just wish I could turn off that damn conversation and music that goes on in my head!   I got on Amazon last night and ordered a disc on guided meditation that sounds wonderful, and a couple of little handbooks that I can carry with me for a little bit of insite during the day.  I have practiced a 5 minute guided meditation off and on for a year, and when I can get myself to spend that 5 minutes being calm it does help me for the whole day.

I would recommend Eat Pray Love  to anyone who is seeking their inner self.  I know I am a totally driven person, and realize that I miss some small pleasures because of this... altho I take that back, as I also relish many small pleasures each day.... like when I'm feeding hay and see a flock of Canadian geese fly overhead.. or when I'm walking the dogs and my 13 year old Chinese Sharpei is trotting along with her tail like a flag in a parade.... those are things that make my heart melt.

Off to the shop to make up more orders... I am listening to the Love part today.  Will let you know how that goes :)

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