Thursday, November 5, 2009


Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It's great how the kiddies really live the fantasy of the costuming.  It just doesn't seem as commercial as the other holidays have become, it's really about the spirit of the thing..... spirit, get it?  Sorry but I couldn't help myself :)

If halloween can predict the economy, I would say it's coming back.  Last year, most of the kids were dressed up like hobo's or casper, wearing  bedsheets or old castoffs from dad and mom... but this year it seemed like 90% had crazy over the top costumes that were quite elaborate.  I always tried to stitch my daughter's costumes, but you got to hand it to the store bought ones... there were some scary creatures running down my street!

My favorite Halloweener is actually a mom who brings her darling kids by, she works at the local market in our small town and bless her heart, was standing out in front of the local pub in this get up during the afternoon, waving at people and doing a funny dance... so she cracked me up twice yesterday, gotta love her.

My husband carved pumpkins from our garden and they looked great out front in the new grasses and rust garden that I just finished planting a few weeks ago.  Already the grasses have turned beautiful coppery pinks and ambers, I feel good every time I walk down the walk.

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